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Law School | 2004

“French Law in Action: Civil and Criminal Courtroom Practice in a Comparative Perspective.Focus on Lawyering Skills.”

Claire Germain



“To understand a foreign culture, the first step is self... - in other words, put yourself in a state of mind where you will not forget about your own culture, but where you will agree that others might do differently.” The “French Trials” project is designed to facilitate an understanding of the difference between the U.S. and French trial systems. In a globalized world, working with a different legal systems has become unavoidable, and this project will serve as a way for law students to begin to understand the differences between legal systems. The project has a unique approach to learning about the differences between legal systems. It allows law students to explore different legal systems within a cultural framework. The project combines different digital media on a website to describe, demonstrate and explain cultural and legal concepts.

This project developed a multi-media web site enhanced by video's of criminal trials in the United States and French courts to enable law students to learn about the differences between the two systems. The comparative law site is used by Cornell Law Students in the US and Paris programs, as well as students in other universities in France.

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