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Law School | 2003

“Extending Borders in Teaching Law”

Claire Germain



Since many law students have never been to France, it is important to put French Law in a realistic context with place, people, and purpose explicitly revealed. Without this context, foreign law is too theoretical. This project will principally facilitate development of French Law in Action: a multimedia exploration of legal realities via case studies, judge and lawyer interviews, virtual visits to courtroom and law office settings. the course, Introduction to the French Law, will also provide a means for professors, practitioners, and students to interact in a distance learning environment.


French Law in Action

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Transforming Legal Education

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Pioneering Innovation, Technology and Partnerships: French and U.S. Criminal Trial Procedures Compared

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French Law in Action

Germain, Claire. 2005. "French law in action." American Association of Law Libraries Conference. January.

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