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Since 2001, the Academic Technologies team has completed over 150 projects with Cornell faculty. Please explore the project summaries and see how a wide range of technologies were used to address teaching and learning challenges.

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Agriculture and Life Sciences


Interactive Animations/Tutorials for Introductory Biology

Charles Walcott and Jon Glase and Thomas Owens

Continuing to build online tutorials and animations that enable students to actively engage with the abstract, dynamic nature of biological concepts.

Research-based Case Studies in Molecular Microscopy

Susan Merkel and William Ghiorse

Case studies that enable students to access more advanced microscopic techniques and explore how they apply to real-world problems.

Development and Implementation of a Spatial Data Exploration System (SPADES) for Undergraduate Instruction

Charles Smith

(GIS) geographic information systems display spatially referenced information, revolutionizing student capacity to evaluate patterns in space and time.

Architecture, Art and Planning


Virtual Explorations: Taking Students to Cities

Neema Kudva and William Goldsmith

"Virtual Cities" provides exciting multimedia content, socio-economic and cultural contexts to make vivid the cities students are studying.

Arts and Sciences


Effective Tools for Audio Practice in Language Learning

Richard Feldman and Slava Paperno

Digital technology that improves instructor commenting on student audio recordings and provides a record of learning over time.

Internet Based Social Science Laboratory

Michael Macy

Exploration of potential solutions to enable students in beginning quantitative methods courses to analyze real data in a virtual social science laboratory.

Using Web Technology to Support Just-in-Time-Teaching and Peer Instruction in Teaching Calculus

Maria Terrell

Personal response systems (clickers), "good questions," and peer teaching strategies advance conceptual understanding of calculus.

Computing and Information Science


Electronic Workflow in Synthesis Courses Computing and Information Science

Hod Lipson

Moving beyond collaboration with shared notebooks through a user-friendly interface and online access to group data in CVS (concurrent version system).



Engineering Design and Engineering Materials

Alison Shull

Robocup Team experiences are the basis for Engineering project team case studies and team 'self-studies' identify effective Engineering Project Team processes.

College of Veterinary Medicine


The Use of Advanced Media Technologies in the Expansion of the Veterinary Procedures Collection Website

Jodi Korich

Online resource of videos and instructional information associated with simpler procedures serves as a model for presenting more complex procedures.

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