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Since 2001, the Academic Technologies team has completed over 150 projects with Cornell faculty. Please explore the project summaries and see how a wide range of technologies were used to address teaching and learning challenges.

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Agriculture and Life Sciences


Mapping the Cayuga Lake Watershed

M. Todd Walter

Building on a prior project, this collaborative map of the Cayuga Lake watershed is enhanced with new features and new engaging student assignments.

Architecture, Art and Planning


Online Database of South Asian Architecture and Landscape

Bonnie MacDougall

A previously uncatalogued and inaccessible treasure-trove of unique photographs of relatively unknown buildings was made widely available online.

Arts and Sciences


Enhancing Musical Dialogue and Instruction

John Haines-Eitzen

Recording devices provide a rich musical dialogue for learning, and adding a technology that facilitates feedback deepens the relationship and learning.

Cultural Contribution to Language Learning

Grit Matthias

An interactive internet platform for language learners offers authentic video material and collaboration opportunities.


At the Intersection of Internet and Cinema

Sabine Haenni

This project for a film course provided after-class access to the films being studied as well as materials that promote analytic skills.


Enhancing Introductory Physics Digitally

Matthias Liepe

Enhancing the learning experience for Physics students - both in lecture and with archived material for students to obtain online was the goal of this project.

Resources for Writing Instructors

Elliot Shapiro

The goal of providing online access to award-winning examples of course materials resulted in an institutional repository that spanned decades of materials.


Teaching (Wired): Solving Large Class Teaching Challenges in Music

Steven Pond

Supporting a large music course with instructor access to music during lectures and student access to annotated music and multimedia outside of class.

Digital Art and Interactive Installation

Timothy Murray

Connecting students at Cornell with students in Australia in a collaborative, cross–cultural multimedia art course.



Resource Bank for Active Learning

Chris Schaffer and Kathryn Dimiduk

A searchable database for faculty to create questions with the Active Learning Strategies method. Feedback mechanisms enable users to vet and improve content.


Engineering in the Real World: How to Succeed in Industry

Sally McKee

Electronic portfolios and power point support development of student skills in team work, self-assessment, constructive feedback and presenting information.

Hotel Administration


AV Clip Collection for Organizational Behavior

Tony Simons

Illustrating concepts of organizational behavior through video clips and blog posts deepens student understanding and recognition of these behaviors.


AV Clip Collection for Organizational Behavior

Tony Simons

Illustrating concepts of organizational behavior through video clips and blog posts deepens student understanding and recognition of these behaviors.

Human Ecology


Stakeholder Network Simulation Tool and Database

Ying Hua

A database of building case studies and video recordings of class sessions bridges the connection between students, stakeholders and professionals.


Interior Architypes Project | Expanded

Jan Jennings and Kathleen Gibson

A searchable photographic and research database of contemporary interior design practices that are derived from reiterative historical designs.


Supporting Multiple Perspectives in Child Study

Judith Ross-Bernstein

Overall streamlining of a course including conversion of over 400 videos of child interactions into an accessible system for teaching, learning and research.

Industrial and Labor Relations


ILRCB 201/501: Labor and Employment Law Curriculum Redesign with Electronic Assessments

Michael Gold

Self-assessments and quizzes that help students to develop critical thinking, legal reasoning and writing skills.

Law School


Collaboration on Legal Documents

Sital Kalantry

Solutions that seek to improve the process of collaboratively writing complex legal documents with students.


Financial Institutions e-Coursebook and Support Site

Robert Hockett

Complexity and rapid change in financial institutions require a more dynamic alternative to the static text book for teaching financial intermediation.


Extending Borders in Teaching Law

Claire Germain

French Law in Action: A multimedia exploration of legal realities via case studies, judge/lawyer interviews, and virtual visits to courtrooms and law offices.

College of Veterinary Medicine


Application of Digital Technology to Pathology Training of Veterinary Students

Bradley Njaa and Sean McDonough

Pathology is a highly visual discipline; instructors and students needed better tools for demos and study of diseased tissue.


Computer-based Tutorial Cases for Veterinary Students

Richard Rawson

Instructors increase student exposure to a large number of clinical cases by authoring and providing computer-based case studies.

Faculty Advisory Board on Information Technologies (FABIT)


Putting Watershed Education on the Map

M. Todd Walter and Rich Stedman

A collaborative map allows students in engineering and in the social sciences to collect and share data about the Cayuga Lake watershed.


Technological Solutions to Teaching Three-dimensional Concepts: Apparel and Costume Patternmaking and Fit

Richard Macpike and Susan Ashdown

2D and 3D examples of draping the human form engage students in an analytical process that explores ideas about creation and fit of clothing and costumes.

International New Media Art

Franklin Spector

The CTheory mulitmedia multimedia art website raises challenges associated with archiving and sharing new media art on campus and with other institutions.

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