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Since 2001, the Academic Technologies team has completed over 150 projects with Cornell faculty. Please explore the project summaries and see how a wide range of technologies were used to address teaching and learning challenges.

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Agriculture and Life Sciences


Mapping the Cayuga Lake Watershed

M. Todd Walter

Building on a prior project, this collaborative map of the Cayuga Lake watershed is enhanced with new features and new engaging student assignments.


Mushrooming on the Internet

Kathie Hodge

The engaging text and stunning photographs of Hodge's blog benefitted from a custom design that encourages visual browsing of a world best viewed up close.

Learning through Listening: Audio Transects of NY

Andrea Hammer

This project exposed students to the concept that a landscape also consists of the sounds and stories associated with it as well as the physical aspects.

Arts and Sciences


Cultural Contribution to Language Learning

Grit Matthias

An interactive internet platform for language learners offers authentic video material and collaboration opportunities.

Law School


Collaboration on Legal Documents

Sital Kalantry

Solutions that seek to improve the process of collaboratively writing complex legal documents with students.


Law in Action

Annelise Riles

Undergrads considering law need exposure to real-world issues: legal, ethical, and social issues are raised in case-studies on local hot-topic legal issues.

Faculty Advisory Board on Information Technologies (FABIT)


Memory and the Law Technology Enhancement

Charles Brainerd

Extending and repurposing the material in a cross-college course so that it can be viewed by learners in non-university settings.


Putting Watershed Education on the Map

M. Todd Walter and Rich Stedman

A collaborative map allows students in engineering and in the social sciences to collect and share data about the Cayuga Lake watershed.

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