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Since 2001, the Academic Technologies team has completed over 150 projects with Cornell faculty. Please explore the project summaries and see how a wide range of technologies were used to address teaching and learning challenges.

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Agriculture and Life Sciences


Integrating Course Alumni into Classroom Learning

Lucy Fisher and Terry Tucker

Alumni share their field experiences and connect with students by contributing case studies and collecting case studies on a website.

Mapping the Cayuga Lake Watershed

M. Todd Walter

Building on a prior project, this collaborative map of the Cayuga Lake watershed is enhanced with new features and new engaging student assignments.


Merged Individual Blogs to Bring Students Together

Tarleton Gillespie

A course on emerging communication technologies requires students to create, read and rate blogs as a means of enhancing writing and critical thinking.


Collaborative International Conservation Tools

James Lassoie and Richard Herring

Linking students at Cornell with conservation practitioners via on-line networking tools engaged students in 'real world' research.

Architecture, Art and Planning


Online Database of South Asian Architecture and Landscape

Bonnie MacDougall

A previously uncatalogued and inaccessible treasure-trove of unique photographs of relatively unknown buildings was made widely available online.

Arts and Sciences


Cultural Contribution to Language Learning

Grit Matthias

An interactive internet platform for language learners offers authentic video material and collaboration opportunities.


Islands of Globalization

Elizabeth DeLoughrey

Multimedia assignments and web conferencing support collaboration with students at the University of Hawai'i on theories of globalization and modernity.


Digital Art and Interactive Installation

Timothy Murray

Connecting students at Cornell with students in Australia in a collaborative, cross–cultural multimedia art course.

Computing and Information Science


Electronic Workflow in Synthesis Courses Computing and Information Science

Hod Lipson

Moving beyond collaboration with shared notebooks through a user-friendly interface and online access to group data in CVS (concurrent version system).


Cooperative Learning Computer Lab Proposal

CL3 (Cornell Library Collaborative Learning Computer Laboratory) is a flexible space that supports cooperative learning in computing and engineering courses.



Improving the Distance Learning Experience: Applied Systems Engineering

Linda Nozick and Robin Roundy

Capturing a group-based design activity so that remotely located students can appreciate the evolution of ideas.

Human Ecology


Stakeholder Network Simulation Tool and Database

Ying Hua

A database of building case studies and video recordings of class sessions bridges the connection between students, stakeholders and professionals.

Industrial and Labor Relations


Ph.D. Methods for IR/HR Multi-University Network

Diane Burton

This multi-university course explores distance learning and collaboration tools. The content will be developed at Cornell and at participating universities.

Law School


Collaboration on Legal Documents

Sital Kalantry

Solutions that seek to improve the process of collaboratively writing complex legal documents with students.

Faculty Advisory Board on Information Technologies (FABIT)


Spanish Applied to Latin American Studies Courses

Elvira Sanchez-Blake

The challenge was to enable online collaborative work among students, and to create multimedia resources for students at different levels of Spanish.

Putting Watershed Education on the Map

M. Todd Walter and Rich Stedman

A collaborative map allows students in engineering and in the social sciences to collect and share data about the Cayuga Lake watershed.


International New Media Art

Franklin Spector

The CTheory mulitmedia multimedia art website raises challenges associated with archiving and sharing new media art on campus and with other institutions.


Media Arts Studio I

David Borden and John Zissovici and Marilyn Rivchin

Collaborative, interdisciplinary exploration of digital electronic performance from the perspectives of art, architecture, music, film, dance and video.

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