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Academic Technologies Innovation in Teaching with Technology site reflects activities about new and emerging technologies, new uses of technology for teaching, and innovative pedagogical practices for teaching and learning. "Innovation" is defined as the "introduction of something new" or "a new idea or method." This site shares research and pilot project outcomes that fall under both meanings of innovation. Discover new Academic Technology services that result from pilot project explorations. What does "innovation" mean, from either a teaching or technology perspective? Visit this site regularly to see how we answer this question.

  • Supports research in educational innovation and supporting technologies.
  • Provide support and development resources to "incubate" faculty ideas.
  • Evaluate the use of technologies through a research-based approach.
  • Implement proven technologies as new campus services, based on research.

Emerging Technology Pilots & Research

Academic Technologies Innovation program supports small project development and technology research. Recent areas of research and pilot projects include the Spring 2012 eTexts pilot, mobile learning, electronic portfolio's for assessment and reflection, peer assessment, mapping/geo-location technologies, visualization, and mobile/web-based polling tools. View the research activities in the "Explorations" section of this web site for more information.

Small Project Development

Do you have a small instructional project idea? Do you need to develop web-based course materials such as tutorials, podcasts, recorded lectures, audio or video materials? Academic Technologies staff provide support for the development of small innovative projects. Project support comes primarily in the form of the development services required to turn faculty ideas into reality.

Outcomes & Recommendations

A key goal of Innovations in Teaching with Technology is to support the cycle of innovation and research beyond implementation of projects and services. A common outcome of research and pilot projects are the addition of new services that are implemented on campus.

Recent examples include:

  • eTexts pilot Spring 2012.
  • Peer assessment research (2010) Tools available in Blackboard 2010.
  • ePortfolio pilot (2008-2011) New Mahara service in 2011.
  • Lecture capture pilot (2008-09). New Panopto lecture capture service in 2011.
  • Course Management System research and pilot. (Moodle pilot 2008-09)
  • iTunes U Explorations (2007-09)
  • Blog pilot (2007) Became a service in 2008.
  • Virtual Worlds: Second Life (2007-08)
  • Clicker-Polling Pilot (2005-06) Became a service in 2007.

More Information

Email us at with questions about the program.

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