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Hotel Administration | 2006

“Email and Instant Messaging Simulation”

Amy Newman


This project involves creating a robust, technology-based simulation during which students, playing various roles, can learn and apply communication principles. To help students master email and IM communication, a set of characters and correspondence for a fictitious organization, Writeaway Hotel, are rpesented. During a 30-minute real-time session, students prioritize, respond to, and evaluate incoming email and IM messages. From this experience, students learn how to analyze messages and make important communication decisions within an organizational context.


Real-Time Computer-Mediated Communication

Newman, Amy. 2007. Real-time computer-mediated communication: email and instant messaging simulation. Business Communication Quarterly 70 (4): 466-470.

Applying Communication Technology

Brownell, Judi and Amy Newman. 2008. Applying communication technology: introducing email and instant messaging in the hospitality curriculum. Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport and Tourism Education 7(2): 71 – 76.

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