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Engineering | 2002

“Improving the Distance Learning Experience: Applied Systems Engineering ”

Linda Nozick and Robin Roundy

"I think this topic is relevant to the work I do and is a good overview of what the industry is calling a standard. The live video is definitely a plus."


Applied Systems Engineering 1 & Applied Systems Engineering 2 are courses that involved asynchronous distance learning with sixty on-campus and fifty off-campus students. The material being taught is by nature highly design-oriented and interdisciplinary, impacting most of the engineering fields. Classes have a high degree of interactive discussion and student participation, and a number of in-class, team-based design exercises are part of the curriculum. This project seeks to leverage technologies for asynchronous distance learning, explore the pedagogical implications and application of that technology, and design methodology and technology for getting feedback from off-campus students to improve the learning experience.


  • Video Conferencing
  • Interactive Displays
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