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Human Ecology | 2003

“Rescuing the Art of Graphic Thinking in the Digital Age”

Sheila Danko


Freehand drawing employed as an ideational technique continues to be vital to the design profession. However, with the technological appetite of today's digital culture, as students acquire CAD skills they typically gravitate to working predominantly on the computer. The project proposes to rescue the art of graphic thinking and artistic expression by introducing a digital sketchbook interface to engage creative thinking and problem solving. To ensure purposeful and lasting results this proposal outlines a three point strategy for implementation: (1) the development of teaching modules which will meaningfully integrate the digital sketchbook into multiple studio courses, across the design curriculum (2) training and teaching module support for studio faculty, and (3) evaluations by students, faculty, and practicing professionals.


Rescuing the Art of Graphic Thinking in the Digital Age

Danko, Sheila. and Meneely, J. 2004. "Rescuing the art of graphic thinking in the digital age." Poster presentation at the Interior Design Educators Council International Conference, Pittsburgh, PA.

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