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Agriculture and Life Sciences | 2009

“Students Become Certified Crop Advisors”

Quirine Ketterings



The Certified Crop Adviser program of the Agronomy Society of America certifies crop advisers who must pass comprehensive state and international exams covering nutrient management, soil and water management, integrated pest management and crop management. In preparation for the Northeast Region exam, a 3-day training is held in December each year for about 25-35 students. This project will develop an on-line course to prepare students for the certification exam in their final year at Cornell and offer an opportunity for co-learning and networking. The interactive on-line learning modules will contain tools and practice exams, and supply a forum in which students, ag professionals, and regional Certified Crop Advisors can interact to enhance the learning objectives. The networking opportunities will strengthen student readiness for crop management related positions after graduation.


  • web-based
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