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Faculty Advisory Board on Information Technologies (FABIT) | 2008

“Literature and Digital Organisms in Evolution”

Kelly Zamudio



Many undergraduate learners in the sciences do not fully understand how scientific papers are written. These same learners submit papers that do not meet the expectations of the faculty, who rarely have time in the curriculum to teach the construction of scientific papers. This project developed an on-line paper-dissection tool to bridge this gap. Using the on-line annotation service, A.nnotate, we presented learners with an instructor-annotated scholarly article, which includes sticky-note-like annotations that analyze the various parts of a scientific paper, while also asking learners to answer “pop-up” questions that confirm their understanding. Learners review the paper-dissection outside of class and reflect upon their knowledge with their teaching assistants. We intend to have students create their own paper-dissections, to further confirm their understand of scientific papers.


  • customized software
  • web-based
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