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Johnson Graduate School of Management | 2008

“SimUWrite, Inc.”

Angela Noble-Grange


Learners who can practice their written communication skills through role-playing (finance roles, marketing, consulting, general manger, etc.) obtain a better understanding of how written communication plays a part in the day to day operations of a company, in addition to how human interactions can distract from successful communication. Based on a past project (WriteAway simulation), this project uses Microsoft’s Sharepoint Portal Server technologies to create a company intranet site to simulate a real, functional, company. Students take on various roles in the company, based on their concentrations, and a series of assignments, or scenarios, are completed within the simulation. When the students are not working in the simulation, they are reflecting, in class, on how they communicated, what they communicated and what they learned about written communication in the field of business.


  • customized software
  • Sharepoint
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