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Since 2001, the Academic Technologies team has completed over 150 projects with Cornell faculty. Please explore the project summaries and see how a wide range of technologies were used to address teaching and learning challenges.

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Agriculture and Life Sciences


Enhancing Active Learning with Video Clips

Dennis Miller and Robert Gravani

The equipment and training for supplementing lectures with video clips from food and nutrition experts proved to enhance the student learning experience.

Architecture, Art and Planning


Integrating New Technologies

Patricia Phillips

New tools and technologies support development of a critical axis of courses in contemporary theory and criticism.

Arts and Sciences


Teaching the History of Television

Nicholas Salvato

The challenge was to provide students with access to 100s of TV episodes, and make viewing and commenting on the episodes easy for this large intro class.


Rotating Fluids in Astronomy and Earth Sciences

Donald Banfield and Peter Gierasch

Rotating tank demonstration experiments help students visualize concepts of geophysical fluid dynamics and prove useful in several courses.


Enhancing Introductory Physics Digitally

Matthias Liepe

Enhancing the learning experience for Physics students - both in lecture and with archived material for students to obtain online was the goal of this project.


Intercultural Literacy Acquisition

Ute Maschke

Students acquire intercultural literacy by exploring media landscapes and interacting with collaboration tools and environments within a German Studies course.

Integration of Digitized Visual Images in Teaching

Hiro Miyazaki

Even in this digital age, showing foreign films in analog and digital formats during lecture was a challenge, especially when using multiple classrooms.


Teaching (Wired): Solving Large Class Teaching Challenges in Music

Steven Pond

Supporting a large music course with instructor access to music during lectures and student access to annotated music and multimedia outside of class.

Web-based instruction in Beginning and Intermediate Indonesian

John Wolff

Providing web-based access to Indonesian language modules.



Balancing Mass, Energy, and Student Interest

Kathryn Dimiduk and Susan Daniel

New teaching and active learning techniques promote student diversity and interest in the field of chemical engineering.


Web Based Machining Instruction for the Emerson Lab

Matthew Ulinski

Consistent training and review for a machining lab is accomplished via an online tutorial with interactive animations and video instruction and onsite kiosk.

Hotel Administration


AV Clip Collection for Organizational Behavior

Tony Simons

Illustrating concepts of organizational behavior through video clips and blog posts deepens student understanding and recognition of these behaviors.


AV Clip Collection for Organizational Behavior

Tony Simons

Illustrating concepts of organizational behavior through video clips and blog posts deepens student understanding and recognition of these behaviors.


Improving Visual Communication in Business Presentations: Principles and Practices

Amy Newman and David Lennox

Students in these business communication courses increase their visual literacy to improve their presentations and make them more persuasive.

Human Ecology


Stakeholder Network Simulation Tool and Database

Ying Hua

A database of building case studies and video recordings of class sessions bridges the connection between students, stakeholders and professionals.


Virtual Visits to Womens' Health Facilities

Andrea Parrot

Virtual field trips provide students information and access to sites related to women's health issues.

Law School


Interactions between Social Science and Law

Valerie Hans

An interactive web site describes the use of social science in legal cases through in-depth case studies.


Law in Action

Annelise Riles

Undergrads considering law need exposure to real-world issues: legal, ethical, and social issues are raised in case-studies on local hot-topic legal issues.


French Law in Action: Civil and Criminal Courtroom Practice in a Comparative Perspective.Focus on Lawyering Skills.

Claire Germain

"French Trials" combines different web-based digital media to describe, demonstrate and explain French cultural and legal concepts.

College of Veterinary Medicine


Videos to enhance surgery training

Susan Fubini

This project produced 18 videos of veterinary procedures intended for use by students preparing to participate in actual surgeries.


Study Design Tutorial

Peter Scrivani

Students gain understanding of different types of research studies appropriate for patient-based research via a guided tutorial, videos, and animations.


The Use of Advanced Media Technologies in the Expansion of the Veterinary Procedures Collection Website

Jodi Korich

Online resource of videos and instructional information associated with simpler procedures serves as a model for presenting more complex procedures.

Faculty Advisory Board on Information Technologies (FABIT)


Composing Literacies: Writing at Cornell

Jami Carlacio

Self-reflective interviews and surveys are a powerful means for students to use in discovering their skills and determining their learning.


Spanish Applied to Latin American Studies Courses

Elvira Sanchez-Blake

The challenge was to enable online collaborative work among students, and to create multimedia resources for students at different levels of Spanish.


Integrating digital multimedia resources in two interdisciplinary language development courses

Barbara Lust

Digitized audio-video materials on methodology, research tools, and research examples support students with varied experience and background in this area.

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