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Since 2001, the Academic Technologies team has completed over 150 projects with Cornell faculty. Please explore the project summaries and see how a wide range of technologies were used to address teaching and learning challenges.

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Agriculture and Life Sciences


Integrated Pest Management at Cornell: Using Electronic Media to Enhance and Extend Learning and Practice

Phil Arneson and Antonio DiTommaso and John Losey and Peter Trutmann

Disseminating educational information and resources for integrated pest management.

Architecture, Art and Planning


Virtual Explorations: Taking Students to Cities

Neema Kudva and William Goldsmith

"Virtual Cities" provides exciting multimedia content, socio-economic and cultural contexts to make vivid the cities students are studying.

Arts and Sciences


Rotating Fluids in Astronomy and Earth Sciences

Donald Banfield and Peter Gierasch

Rotating tank demonstration experiments help students visualize concepts of geophysical fluid dynamics and prove useful in several courses.



Web-based, Interactive Tutorials for learning ANSYS & FLUENT Engineering Simulation Software

Rajesh Bhaskaran

Online tutorials that help engineering students learn how to use leading software packages and grasp underlying concepts of engineering design.

Hotel Administration


Integrating Field Experiences and Interactivity with Foodservice Management Education

Dennis Reynolds

"Restaurateur," an interactive restaurant education module, simulates real-world scenarios via audio/video segments and gives students opportunities to respond.

Johnson Graduate School of Management


SimUWrite, Inc.

Angela Noble-Grange

Providing learners with business communication role-playing technologies and simulations both deepens the learning and prepares them for real-world scenarios.


Simulation-Based Teaching in Management, Accounting and Finance

Robert Bloomfield

Developing simulations that are less platform- and network dependent; enabling students to visualize outcomes; and streamlining creation of new simulations.


Information in the Firm

Robert Bloomfield

Continuation of work on Virtual Business Scenarios with a focus on how firms use managerial information to compete in product markets and manage production.


Business Decision-Making Simulations

Robert Bloomfield

A computer-based market simulation in which students' decisions affect each other's behavior in real time.

College of Veterinary Medicine


An Interactive Simulator for Veterinary Training

Daniel Fletcher

High-fidelity canine and feline simulators train veterinary students to deal with life threatening emergencies and the critically ill.


Computer-generated Cases for Fluid Therapy

Richard Rawson

Introducing veterinary students to interactive simulations of dog patients provided opportunities for deeper understanding, practice, and greater confidence.

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