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Since 2001, the Academic Technologies team has completed over 150 projects with Cornell faculty. Please explore the project summaries and see how a wide range of technologies were used to address teaching and learning challenges.

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Agriculture and Life Sciences


Integrating Course Alumni into Classroom Learning

Lucy Fisher and Terry Tucker

Alumni share their field experiences and connect with students by contributing case studies and collecting case studies on a website.

Students Become Certified Crop Advisors

Quirine Ketterings

An online study guide containing text and interactive elements is an additional resource for students preparing to take the Certified Crop Advisor exam.


Bridging the classroom and the farm for improved whole farm nutrient management.

Quirine Ketterings

This project highlights the Whole Farm approach to farm management and introduces students and farmers to the principles of farm sustainability.



Electronic Textbook for Applied Systems Engineering

Peter Jackson

An electronic textbook and associated exercises for the course "Applied Systems Engineering" provide resources for on-campus and distance learning students.


Improving the Distance Learning Experience: Applied Systems Engineering

Linda Nozick and Robin Roundy

Capturing a group-based design activity so that remotely located students can appreciate the evolution of ideas.

Industrial and Labor Relations


Ph.D. Methods for IR/HR Multi-University Network

Diane Burton

This multi-university course explores distance learning and collaboration tools. The content will be developed at Cornell and at participating universities.

Faculty Advisory Board on Information Technologies (FABIT)


Memory and the Law Technology Enhancement

Charles Brainerd

Extending and repurposing the material in a cross-college course so that it can be viewed by learners in non-university settings.


Incorporating Distance Technologies into Education 331

Glenn Applebee

Students in Education 331 gain first hand experience in developing and delivering training via distance learning technologies to extension staff in the field.


A VRE for Language Acquisition and Cognitive Science

Barbara Lust

Components were developed to build a virtual research environment for language acquisition studies that links primary resources and teaching materials.

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